January Challenge

I am going to start my January challenge which is fixing the waistband on the jeans from my disaster project pile, so I am starting by unpicking the waistband, I am so glad someone invented the seam ripper I am going to be wearing mine out by the end of the challenge. Here are my …

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Monthly Challenge

I have been meaning to blog once a week on a Monday regular, but I just don’t have the energy to do it, so annoying. I find myself so tired lately that I just cannot get inspired to do anything, I need a magic spell to bump my energy up. I start making items then …

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Quickie Update 2

Well I've done it again, changed my look and feel, I am a nightmare keep changing the look of my blog, I like this one for now . I've just noticed while playing around with my blog, that my avatar looks like a love heart sweet what do you think?  


Needle Update

Well, I don't know if you have noticed, but my broken needle count has gone up to 5. The first 4 broken needles must have been a bad batch because I haven't had many lately, but the no.5 broken needle was entirely my fault, I had my walking foot on my machine and I switched …

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